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Exeedme is announcing the release of its Weekly Ladder. This consists of a very simple and straightforward weekly competition, where players will compete between themselves, from Friday to Friday, for a top place in the weekly leaderboard, to gain access to a total prize pool of 500 USDX to be distributed across the Top 30 players.

How does it work?

At the end of every week, at the beginning of Exeedme’s Game Night, the weekly ladder counters will be reseted, and players will start a fresh new leaderboard while kicking-off the Game Night event.

Every player that is signed up for Exeedme will be eligible to participate in this Weekly Ladder, there is no need for an extra sign up or join, players only need to make at least one game through regular matchmaking to be on track for the big prize pool.


Keep in mind that only 5v5 matchmaking games are counted for the leaderboard.
For each win you get +5pts, and for each loss you lose -5pts.

What’s in it for you?

Have we mentioned the prizes yet? They are indeed awesome, 500 USDX on the line and we’ll be giving them out for the Top 30 Players with the following split rules:

Table of Rank & Prize

  • 1st - 100 USDX
  • 2nd - 75 USDX
  • 3rd - 50 USDX
  • 4th - 25 USDX
  • 5th - 20 USDX
  • 6th - 15 USDX
  • 7th - 14 USDX
  • 8th - 13 USDX
  • 9th - 12 USDX
  • 10th - 11 USDX
  • 11-20th - 11 USDX
  • 21-30th - 5.5 USDX