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How to store and trade Crypto?โ€‹

Using Exchanges such as Binance, Kraken and, you can buy and trade Cryptocurrencies, but itโ€™s not the safest way to store them in an exchange, you should withdraw to your own wallet. In the case of any Ethereum based Token (ERC-20) you can withdraw to a wallet such as MetaMask, which is a web-browser client side based wallet.

How to create a crypto wallet?โ€‹

To create a wallet for any ERC-20 based tokens, using metamask you need to download it and add the Metamask Extension to your browser. On Metamask you have to Create a new wallet and save safely the seed phrase, which you canโ€™t share with ANYONE. After creating your wallet you need to deposit Ethereum or any ERC-20 based tokens on it by withdrawing from your exchange to your Metamask Address!

How to send crypto?โ€‹

To send ERC-20 based cryptocurrencies using Metamask all you need is to open the in browser extension wallet, and Click on โ€œSendโ€ button, add the Recipient which is the address to send Crypto and select the asset. Put the amount of crypto that you want to send and select the suitable transaction fee to you!