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What is Cryptocurrency?#

Cryptocurrencies is usually a decentralized digital money meant to be used all over the world. Bitcoin is the biggest example of a Cryptocurrency, it runs in his own blockchain that can’t be directly controlled or manipulated by any entity

What is Blockchain?#

Blockchain is a term vastly used to represent a chain of data blocks which each block depends on a specific hash found by a miner. Those blocks contain all information (usually transactions) that were previously validated by a node. It’s commonly used to ensure the integrity and transparency of Bitcoin.

What is a Token?#

In the Ethereum Network, a Token represents a digital asset built using a smart contract, and this contract runs on an Ethereum network. It can’t be changed or updated directly. Companies use Tokens to represent part of their own product. In the case of Exeedme, XED is used in our platform as a reward for Game Mining, Staking. It gives you access to specific subjects, allows organizers to create communities and tournaments, and decides the platform's future through votes.