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What is Cryptocurrency?โ€‹

Cryptocurrencies is usually a decentralized digital money meant to be used all over the world. Bitcoin is the biggest example of a Cryptocurrency, it runs in his own blockchain that canโ€™t be directly controlled or manipulated by any entity

What is Blockchain?โ€‹

Blockchain is a term vastly used to represent a chain of data blocks which each block depends on a specific hash found by a miner. Those blocks contain all information (usually transactions) that were previously validated by a node. Itโ€™s commonly used to ensure the integrity and transparency of Bitcoin.

What is a Token?โ€‹

In the Ethereum Network, a Token represents a digital asset built using a smart contract, and this contract runs on an Ethereum network. It canโ€™t be changed or updated directly. Companies use Tokens to represent part of their own product. In the case of Exeedme, XED is used in our platform as a reward for Game Mining, Staking. It gives you access to specific subjects, allows organizers to create communities and tournaments, and decides the platform's future through votes.