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Fantasy League - Rules & Info

Basic requirements​

  • Crypto wallet on the Polygon PoS chain - if you need help creating a wallet, start here
  • Exeedme Revolution Player NFTs bought with $XED on Polygon PoS chain
  • Deadlines: 2nd December 12:59 PM UTC to lock your team
  • Competition will start on the 2nd December until the 5th December.
  • Prizes will be automatically paid out using our Tournament smart contracts, and all is visible on our Transparency page.

What is it all about?​

To celebrate our first professional crowdfunded CS:GO Tournament, we are launching a CS:GO Fantasy League with NFTs.

Each participating team, and each of its players, will have one card that can be acquired through buying packs with several cards, or acquiring a specific player card. Each player card will have three rarity levels that can act as a multiplier for the final score (if two users have the same selection of player cards, the one with the highest rarity will take away the most points).

How does it work?​

Starting on the 26th of November, users will be able to purchase the Fantasy League packs (or single player cards) from the Fantasy League page, using $XED as the base currency. After purchasing their packs, or individual player cards, users will be able to make their “bets” on which players will have the overall best score during the time of the main Event, before the deadline to lockup the team. After that, you can still make changes to your team, but keep in mind that the NFT you're replacing will have to be burned and you will be penalized in your overall score.

So summing up, all you need to do is:

  • Get your player cards from the Fantasy League page.
  • You can either purchase packs with sets of 5 cards, or you can purchase individual player cards and choose exactly which players to have and which rarity;
  • After purchasing your cards, it's time to start drafting your dream team. Navigate to the Fantasy League page to make your final selection - it's important to make this selection before the 2nd of December;
  • Grab some popcorn and enjoy the matches! We will be updating the leaderboard along side with the matches result on our Fantasy League page, so you're always up to date on how your score is progressing;

After each game, players earn points for their individual performance and from results of their respective teams. Points are the sum of base points based on HLTV rating 2.0 and team results on each match series.

How is the final score calculated?​

We will be using the official HLTV player score rating to calculate the final score for each user during the Fantasy League. After each match, we will automatically fetch each players individual score and calculate the scores with the following conversion table:

  • HLTV score >1.30 (super high) = 6.0 points
  • HLTV score >1.20 (sick) = 5.4 points
  • HLTV score >1.10 (good) = 3.6 points
  • HLTV score >1.00 (above average) = 2.0 points
  • HLTV score <1.00 (below average) = -1.0 points
  • HLTV score <0.90 (bad) = -2.0 points
  • HLTV score <=0.80 (really bad) = -3.6 points

Does player card rarity play any role?​

Yes! Player card rarities act as a multiplier for your overall score. If two users select the exact same players, but one of them has more Rare and/or Legendary cards than the other, they will be the one taking the highest place on the leaderboard.

Multipliers work as follows:

  • Common NFT player card = 1.0x base points;
  • Rare NFT player card = 1.1x base points;
  • Legendary NFT player card = 1.2x base points;

What can users win?​

Users will be competing for a total crowdfunded prize pool of +$4k for the Revolution Fantasy League, where the top 5 placements will take away 49% of the total prize and the remaining will be distributed to the remaining users, up until the 100th user participating in the Fantasy League.

The official prize breakdown (in percentages of the total prize pool) is as follows:

  • 1st: 25%
  • 2nd: 13%
  • 3rd: 8%
  • 4th: 7%
  • 5th: 6%
  • 6th-25th: 1.4%
  • 26th-50th: 0.24%
  • 51th-75th: 0.16%
  • 76th-100th: 0.12%
Prizes detail:

We are sharing percentages of the total prize pool, since the total will still be growing throughout the duration of the Tournament. The global prize pool of the Fantasy League, alongside the Revolution Tournament main event, will always be visible and transparent to the entire community here.

When will it take place?​

  • Pack drop coming on the 26th November;
  • We will be selling the packs during the week before the main event Tournament, from the 25th Nov - 1st Dec
  • Tournament Main Event starts on the 2nd of December and all the Fantasy League “bets” will ideally be closed - players can still make changes, but will be penalized on their final score;

How many cards will there ever be?​

  • Common cards - this rarity tier will have unlimited supply and everyone can mint while the competition lasts;
  • Rare cards - this rarity tier will be limited to 16,000 copies;
  • Legendary cards - this rarity tier will be limited to only 1,600 copies;