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The Exeedme Referral program is finally here! Every user on the platform is elegible to participate in this program. All it takes is to share your unique URL with your friends to start earning right away

What is the Exeedme referral program?โ€‹

The referral program is an incentive that greatly rewards loyal members who help us onboarding new users to the platform. You invite your friends and/or community on board and earn USDX for each user that creates a new valid account. Every new user helps you increase your tier rank and with every tier rank increase you also increase your USDX multiplier.

How does it work?โ€‹

When signing up on our platform, youโ€™ll get a unique referral URL that you can share with your friends and audience. That personal link will make sure that every user that signs up on the platform is correctly attributed to you.

Once the user signs up with your referral link, and validates their account, you get 1 USDX x Tier Multiplier. The user who signed up with your link will also receive 3 USDX to kickstart their account and start playing right away.

Important Pro-tip

Itโ€™s important to note that for an account to be valid, the user must undergo the KYC process and play at least 1 match.

Keep stacking those USDXโ€‹

Everytime you reach a specific predetermined number of invited users, your referral Tier will increase, giving you even more USDX for each new referral. Our program currently supports 7 different Tiers, as follows:

  • TIER 1 - Copper: 0 - 9 friends invited
    • 1 USDX;
  • TIER 2 - Bronze: 10 - 29 friends invited
    • 2x more USDX;
  • TIER 3 - Silver: 30 - 49 friends invited
    • 3x more USDX;
  • TIER 4 - Gold: 50 - 99 friends invited
    • 4x more USDX;
  • TIER 5 Platinum: 100 - 199 friends invited
    • 5x more USDX
  • TIER 6 Diamond: 200 - 299 friends invited
    • 8x more USDX
  • TIER 7 - Affiliate: +300 friends invited
    • Reach out to us, we have a surprise for you

Every three months, Exeedme will reset the counters of all Tiers, except for the users that were able to reach the Affiliate level, and will continue to benefit from other forms of compensation for their acquisition efforts.

Increasing Tiersโ€‹

When you increase your Tier level, you're not just increasing your payout per user, we also reward you with a special bonus for each level increase. The reward formula is: 1 USDX x Tier Level. So for example if you've just managed to get to Tier 4 (Gold), you'll receive 1 USDX x 4 = 4 USDX.

Example - Platinum Tier:โ€‹

Imagine that youโ€™re currently in a Platinum Tier and you invite a new user. The moment that user validates their account, you will instantly receive 1 USDX x 5 = 5 USDX.

Still got questions? Check our FAQ's below