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Here you can find some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Referral Program.

Am I elegible for this program?#

Yes, absolutely. We want all of our current and future users to benefit from joining our referral program by earning a passive income and/or funding their accounts for their own games.

How do I know the number of users I've already helped acquire?#

You can always check the status of your current referral stats and your current program Tier, straight from your own Profile section, under the Referrals tab.

How do you know exactly how many users I've brought?#

We use your personal referral link to make the accurate count of how many users you've managed to bring to the platform. It's a simple process, the user clicks your link, creates an account, and after validating their account you'll both immediately recieve your well deserved USDX.

If a user creates their account, but does not undergo KYC, will I still receive my reward?#

Unfortunately not. At the moment we are only rewarding accounts that are able to undergo the full account validation, which includes a simple KYC process.

Am I also rewarded when I increase my Tier Level?#

Yes, definitely! Every time you increase your tier level, you also get some bonus USDX. The reward formula is: 1 USDX x Tier Level. So if you've just managed to get to Tier 4 (Gold), you'll receive 1 USDX x 4 = 4 USDX.

Will the rewards be reseted at any point in time?#

Yes. Every three months we will reset the Tier levels for each user, except for the ones that have made it to the affiliate level and will now benefit from other forms of compensation for their user acquisition efforts.