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Can I swap my tickets back to XED?#

No, once purchased you will not be able to convert your tickets back to XED.

How will I know if I have won?#

You can manually match your tickets with the winning numbers for greater excitement. If you’re too lazy to do this, we’ve calculated your winnings automatically for you on the page!

If I win, do I need to manually claim the prize?#

Yes, you will need to click the “Claim Prizes” button on the lottery page.

Where can I see the winning ticket numbers?#

They will be available in the lottery page.

Are all ticket numbers unique?#

Yes, because they are incrementally given out to the participants

What if someone buys all of the tickets?#

This is impossible, as they would need to buy an astronomically large number of tickets. There isn't enough XED supply to buy that number of tickets

What transaction fee will I pay for buying a ticket?#

Each purchase will require a unique transaction. But in each of these transactions you can purchase how many tickets you want. A transaction fee will also be applied when claiming rewards.